How to Set Yourself up For Success in Your
Retail Franchise and Remove Most of
The Risk So That You Are One of the 90%
Who Will Still Be Around in 5 Years Time.

Our report helped many people come to a decision on buying their retail franchise and it's an established fact in franchising that when you follow through on these basic steps, you'll take 90% of
the risk out of it.
You see, the failure rate of non-franchised retail is up to 90% within 5 years.
But 90% of franchised retails are still in business after 5 years.

Just think what a difference that would make to your future, knowing you have a business that
continues to grow and grow well and that you could sell for a healthy profit,
at a time of your choosing.

Our 15 page report shows you how you can achieve this and how you can take the steps needed
to make it happen.

There will always be some people who fail because they just didn't follow through on basic advice
and didn't take the steps to make sure they were investing in the right franchise for them.
But if you follow this basic step-by-step guide, you will be setting yourself up for success.

You may have been thinking about investing in a retail franchise for some time. It's probably
what you've wanted to do but you're concerned if it's the right move and if it will work out ok.

Maybe you are even worried that opening a retail franchise may not be the right thing for you
to do. So we've created this valuable report with step-by-step guide on how to get information that
will help set aside your fears and take out most of the risk and let you start your new career.

Here is what you will get in your report

tick Our 15 page report full of information and advice and statistics
on The retail Franchise Business including how to Select and
Open your own retail outlet.
tick 10 Important tips on opening your local retail outlet
Ask these simple questions to eliminate most of the risk
tick The other side of the story - Bad retail experiences
Learn from them and don't make the same mistake.
tick 13 Retail franchises. What the investment is and how many units they currently have operating
tick 5 point check list on Training so you know you'll get on going
training support even after you've signed up
tick The latest trends. Dont just buy into a retail franchise because its got brand recognition. Follow these latest consumer retail trends for a greater long term success.
tick The Important 7 Signs That Show Just How Good Your Franchise will be
tick Free Bonus of 12 retail marketing tips from a marketing
guru specifically focused on bringing customers to your retail franchise.

So even if you don't open a franchise you can still use these to
maximize your chances of success in a non-franchise enterprise.
tick 8 Point Psychometric Style Questionaire self test on your sutability for owning and running a franchisee operation
tick 10 of The Most Important Pros and Cons for buying a franchise that you need to consdider now before you spend any time or money on a possible franchise
tick The top 6 web sites that deliver article information and resources
on franchises
without trying to sell you anything
(as most franchise sites do)

Our 15 page report contains 18 important benchmarks to ask so you can be sure your potential
retail franchise is going to give you exactly what you need for success.
If you can check the 18 boxes in our report you will have removed 90% of the risk.
We show you what to ask and exactly how to assess the response.

We'll tell you exactly how you can check the level of support you are going to get from the franchisor.
It's a proven way to shake out those who may look good and talk the talk, but don't perform in the
follow through and will not give you full support after the sale, when it's too late to do anything about it.
You can find all of this out before you even spend a cent.
Just follow these important steps we recommend.

We'll also show you how to assess precisely what level of training support you get as part of the
Simply follow the 5 points and check each one as you get the responses.
You'll know precisely what to expect after you've entered into the agreement.

We provide a list of the signs of a really good franchise and you'll see if you are talking
to the right company
. It they fail on any of these, it's best to drop them and move on to
another company.

We can't totally guarantee your success but you will be following an independent proven path that
many people who took our report have already taken to make sure they made the right choice of
The vast majority are running successful franchises and some have been spectacularly successful
because they listened and took action on all the plans and guides, formed their own plan of action,
and made it happen.

The report offers superb value at $17 and comes with a with a full money back guarantee
We are so confident that this report will help you that we are offering a full $17 refund if for any reason
you are not happy with the report.
No ifs or buts, we will simply refund the money and you can keep the report.

 The choice of your
is crucial.
Our guarantee is a plan
for your success

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this franchise report, let us know within 14 days and we will refund your money , no questions asked.


Free Bonus #1
As part of the deal we are also throwing in a free bonus article on how to market your retail outlet.
This plan is distilled from Gary Halbert's work, a marketing genius, and focuses on 9 powerful tips
to drive customers to your retail outlet.

Free Bonus #2
5 questions to ask the franchisor to see how good their training will be

Free Bonus #3
How suitable are you for running a franchise?
Take this psychometric test and find out

Free Bonus #4
7 signs of a top Quality Retail Faranchise

Free Bonus #5

We are also throwing in a second bonus of a list of the best top 3 sites on franchising on the web.
There are many sites but we have distilled those providing contents articles and guidance
and this will save you many hours of search because as you will know, most retail franchise
sites only focus on selling you a franchise.

We wish you luck in your new retail franchise venture and are certain that if you follow through
on our recommendations, you will be setting yourself up for success.

Arthur Stoller

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P.S. 4 Bonus articles to help you decide on your retail franchise

P.P.S. Don't forget.
ull Money Back Guarantee if you are not
totally satisfied with this report

P.P.P.S. Save hours looking for quality info by just consulting our list of the
3 best retail franchise sites.